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Cristiano Ronaldo Rewinds Time With Stunning Freekick Goal Against Damac for Al Nassr

<p>How often have we seen it? The little boy from Lisbon who was raised in Manchester and later rose to power as king of Madrid. As he sets the ball down with the valve opening facing himself and moves back and to the side a few more times, the air becomes more tense. As he lets out that big breath, he can feel the anticipation building within. Finally, he attempts a shot while controlling the football as if it were on a string. As it inevitably makes its way to the back of the goal, the ball sways and dips in the air.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-248605″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/theindiaprint.com-how-the-balance-of-india-will-be-impacted-by-injured-hardik-pandya-and-ineffective-1.jpg” alt=”theindiaprint.com how the balance of india will be impacted by injured hardik pandya and ineffective 1″ width=”1123″ height=”629″ srcset=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/theindiaprint.com-how-the-balance-of-india-will-be-impacted-by-injured-hardik-pandya-and-ineffective-1.jpg 300w, https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/theindiaprint.com-how-the-balance-of-india-will-be-impacted-by-injured-hardik-pandya-and-ineffective-1-150×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1123px) 100vw, 1123px” title=”Cristiano Ronaldo Rewinds Time With Stunning Freekick Goal Against Damac for Al Nassr 6″></p>
<p>Cristiano Ronaldo once again rewound time for the world to see as he scored for Al Nassr from a beautiful and memorable freekick to assist the team defeat Damac 2-1.</p>
<p>Ronaldo received the kick from a distance of more than 25 yards after years of making the whole globe copy his freekick method. In the 56th minute of the tense Saudi Pro League game, the talisman striker found himself in ideal striking distance and unleashed a dipping blinder over the five-man defense wall to add another goal to his record.</p>
<p>Ronaldo’s best moment of the evening wasn’t simply the free kick. The 38-year-old, who doesn’t seem to be slowing down, put on a remarkable display as he oversaw the assault from the front lines.</p>
<p>He also assisted in the Saudi team’s goal, which was scored by Brazilian Talisca, by serving as the dummy kick taker for another free kick that the Brazilian curled in with grace and elegance.</p>
<p>Despite the criticism he has faced, Ronaldo has seen a personal rebirth this season in the Saudi Pro League.</p>
<p>This season, Ronaldo has been in outstanding form with Al Nassr, and his most recent goal brings his total to 12 goals in 12 games across all competitions.</p>
<p>The fact that Ronaldo has only failed to score in two league games this season—and that those two games are the only ones that Al Nassr have lost in 2023–24—is an even more glaring indication of the impact he has had on the team.</p>
<p>Al-Nassr has seven victories, one tie, and two losses from its last ten games, placing it third in the Saudi Pro League standings. The difference between the two teams today was their captain Ronaldo, who has emerged into the spotlight throughout the season and continues to wow fans around the globe with his consistent performance.</p>

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