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Vidhyam Academy Revolutionizing Online Education Access in India

The Online and Distance Education sector in India has long been characterized by its unorganized nature, leaving students grappling with the daunting task of acquiring accurate information about recognized universities and approved courses. In response to this, Vidhyam Academy, a prominent distance education institute headquartered in Delhi, is making waves in the industry by providing expert counseling and essential information to students seeking education from various UGC and DEB recognized universities. Vidhyam Academy’s primary goal is to seamlessly connect students and working professionals with top-tier distance education universities, thereby bridging the gap between aspiring learners and higher education institutions.

With over a decade of experience in the education sector, Vidhyam Academy has solidified its reputation as one of the top education consultants in Delhi. The institution boasts an extensive network of educational institutions and professionals dedicated to providing personalized guidance to students in their quest to choose the right courses and universities that align with their academic and career aspirations. What’s more, Vidhyam Academy offers this expert guidance without charging any counseling fees. This commitment to students’ success has earned Vidhyam Academy the distinction of being one of the best education consultants in Delhi, catering to students from diverse backgrounds and academic interests.

Vidhyam Academy, founded in the year 2000, has consistently aided thousands of students in finding their path to a prosperous career. The institution offers a wide range of affordable online courses, including but not limited to BA, BBA, BCA, MA, MCA, MBA, BJMC, B.COM, M.COM, BSW, PG Diploma, MSc, MSW, and more. Students have the flexibility to search for and select universities based on their criteria, such as fees, courses, and specializations.

Among the prestigious universities with which Vidhyam Academy collaborates are Manipal University, NMIMS, GLA University, Graphic Era Deemed University, Mody University, Chandigarh University, DY Patil University, Jain University, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Manglaytan University, Subharti University, and many others.

Founders Aman Goel and Priti Goel established Vidhyam Academy with the mission of bridging the gap between students and universities when choosing the best-suited institution. They have built Vidhyam Academy with an unwavering commitment to providing only the best guidance and support to students.

Vidhyam Academy’s journey began with a modest 10 to 20 one-on-one counseling sessions with just 10 academic counselors. Today, it offers over 300-400 online counseling sessions daily, welcoming students from all corners of the country. An impressive 20,000+ students enroll in various distance and online universities through Vidhyam Academy each year.

Pratibha Saini, a student of Vidhyam Academy, shared her experience, saying, “I have joined MCA from Chandigarh University with the help of Vidhyam Academy. The experience I have had is truly wonderful. I highly recommend others to take admissions through Vidhyam Academy for their further studies.”

Nandini Gupta, another student, added, “Thanks to Vidhyam Academy, I chose the right university for myself. Vidhyam Academy provided me with the right answers to every question, from selecting a college to career-related inquiries. I urge you to make Vidhyam Academy your partner in your journey towards the right career.”

Vidhyam Academy understands the dreams and aspirations of Indian students and is a reliable companion throughout their educational journey. The academy is dedicated to simplifying the process of finding the ideal educational institution. Their platform is designed specifically for the Indian audience, allowing students to effortlessly connect with affordable education options. No longer do students need to feel overwhelmed or stressed about making educational choices; Vidhyam Academy is here to turn educational dreams into reality, making the path to their dream institution accessible and hassle-free.

Vidhyam Academy’s vision is to serve as a crucial link, forging connections between students and working professionals with prestigious distance education institutions, effectively closing the divide that often separates learners from the world of online and distance education. Their mission is centered on enlightening students about the myriad advantages of pursuing education through online and distance modes. With the unwavering objective of guiding students along the path to a successful and rewarding career, Vidhyam Academy is dedicated to providing students in online and distance education with the necessary support to chart their unique course to prosperity.

Vidhyam Academy is a leading distance education institute based in Delhi, India, dedicated to connecting students and working professionals with top distance education universities for higher education in online and distance modes. With over a decade of experience, Vidhyam Academy provides expert counseling and information on UGC and DEB recognized universities, helping students find the right path for a successful career. Learn more at http://www.vidhyamacademy.com


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