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‘The Daily Show’ Invited Her First Indian Director, Zoya Akhtar

<p>New Delhi: Renowned Indian filmmaker Zoya Akhtar recently offered insightful commentary on her most recent Netflix project, The Archies, a hit international series. The discussion included her inspiration for introducing the renowned Archies universe to Indian viewers as well as the significance of promoting diversity in the film industry.</p>
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<p>Zoya thought about the sweet relationship between an essentially American world of Archies and how it played a significant role in the life of an Indian urban child in the 1980s. Zoya highlighted how little access there was to cultural phenomena in that era, drawing on her upbringing in the 1980s. Notwithstanding these limitations, Archies comics became a shared experience for a large number of people, providing a window into the fascinating adolescent world of Riverdale, a made-up town. “It’s absurd that something so essentially American was also essentially a part of an Indian urban kid’s childhood,” said Zoya. One of the few publications that everyone read was Archies, which served as a gateway to this nation.”</p>
<p>Zoya emphasized the nostalgic appeal and the yearning for a return to innocence as she went into further detail about why she decided to adapt “The Archies” for a worldwide audience. She thanked Netflix for taking the lead in promoting the Indian film industry internationally and said that “The Archies” was a unique project she couldn’t pass up. “I just couldn’t say no,” Zoya said. It was also like a throwback to a simpler, more minimalist era.</p>
<p>Many people are in awe of Tiger Baby’s ability to depict the world of Anglo Indians in “The Archies,” which she did so well. The representation and how it was a key component of the film captured the hearts of the audience, whether it was because of the music, dancing, or dialect. “I tip my hat off to Zoya and Reema for picking our beautiful community as the backdrop of Archies & I hope to see India continue to love us,” says one actual Anglo-Indian reviewer.</p>
<p>Speaking about diversity, Kal Penn was struck by how skillfully and tactfully Zoya addressed the LGBT (LGBTQIA+) population in the story of “The Archies.” Zoya recognized the thriving LGBT community in India as well as the progress made after homosexuality was decriminalized in 2018. She stressed how society is changing and how narrative and cinema can promote empathy and understanding.</p>
<p>“Homosexuality was made legal again in 2018.” There have been a lot of changes, mostly for the better. And it will continue to change. Storytelling and filmmaking have evolved along with it, and in some ways, I feel like we’re not just portraying anything; you’re taking someone and placing them in another person’s shoes. You’re making the other human,” said Zoya.</p>
<p>Archies creates good change by expressing her thanks for being a member of the film fraternity and for being a capable person with the ability of storytelling. Zoya said, “I think I’m lucky to be a part of a community that can affect some kind of evolution or change and represent and be there and say how I feel.”</p>
<p>Tiger Baby has continuously pushed artistic frontiers, as seen by the phenomenal success of Dahaad, Made In Heaven 2, The Archies’ joyous return, and now Kho Gaye Hum Kahan—all of which came together in only one year, 2023. Participating in a show hosted by Kal Penn’s The Daily Show is just another acknowledgement of the transformative power of inclusive storytelling, bridging cultures, and fostering empathy in a rapidly changing world. Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies’ stands not only as a nostalgic journey but also as a testament to that on a global scale.</p>

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