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After the India Test Series, Dean Elgar will retire

<p>On Friday, former South Africa captain Dean Elgar announced his retirement from international cricket after the end of the next two-Test series against India, which will begin on December 26 in Centurion.</p>
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<p>Elgar has played 84 Test matches since making his debut in 2012. With 13 centuries and 23 fifties, the left-handed hitter has amassed 5,146 runs at a 37.28 average.</p>
<p>Cricket South Africa (CSA) released a statement saying, “Elgar will fittingly end his international career with the two Test matches. The first will be played at his home ground in Centurion from December 26 to 30, and the second will be played at the venue where he scored his first Test runs, Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town, from January 3 to January 7.</p>
<p>The 36-year-old, who last participated in white-ball cricket in 2018, also participated in eight ODIs.</p>
<p>“It’s just beyond my wildest dreams that I got to do it internationally for 12 years.” I have had the great fortune to go on this amazing voyage,” Elgar said.</p>
<p>“I have decided to retire from our beautiful game, and as they say, all good things must come to an end. The Indian home series will be my last,” he stated.</p>
<p>“A game that has greatly benefitted me.” My last test will be the Cape Town one. My all-time favorite stadium on Earth. A location where I hopefully scored my last Test run against New Zealand,” he said.</p>
<p>Elgar led South Africa to victory in nine of their 19 Test matches, with seven defeats and four draws during his tenure.</p>
<p>He is a true old-school player who can dig in, absorb, and battle, according to Enoch Nkwe, South Africa’s director of cricket. I’m sure the game will miss him terribly.</p>
<p>“No matter the opposition, he has always sacrificed everything for his country and never shown fear.” When the nation needed him most, he led as captain and was always willing to take on new challenges, Nkwe said.</p>

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