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Bajrang Punia Demands That The Sports Ministry Resume Wrestling Practices Before The Olympics in Paris

<p>With barely seven months till the Paris Games in 2020, Olympic wrestler Bajrang Punia called on the Sports Ministry to revive wrestling in the nation on Saturday. Punia said that nobody seemed to be taking the quadrennial showcase preparations seriously. For the last several months, grapplers have not been able to wrestle because of internal strife caused by their demonstrations against previous president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.</p>
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<p>Normalcy was not even able to be restored by the election of a new Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) committee, as the Sports Ministry suspended the panel chaired by Sanjay Singh, claiming a breach of its own constitution in the announcement of the national U-15 and U-20 Championships.</p>
<p>The last several months have seen an end to wrestling-related activity. Punia said on his ‘X’ account, “Neither nationals nor camps have been held to prepare the players (for Paris Olympics).”</p>
<p>Punia said that the Olympic preparations need immediate attention. Punia had chosen to return his Padma Shri in protest at the election of Brij Bhushan loyalist Sanjay Singh.</p>
<p>“After seven months, there will be an Olympic Games, but nobody appears to be serious about it. In the last four Olympics, wrestling has produced four medals in a row, he said.</p>
<p>Olympic bronze medallist Punia (65 kg freestyle) advised the authorities to consider the participants’ long-term goals.</p>
<p>“Consequently, in order to preserve the players’ futures, I kindly ask that the Sports Ministry begin all wrestling programs as soon as possible,” he said.</p>
<p>A number of protest actions by wrestlers have gained prominence in recent days. Sakshi Malik chose to discontinue her wrestling career, while Vinesh Phogat chose to send PM Narendra Modi a letter returning her Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award.</p>

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