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After Shoaib Malik marries a Pakistani actress, Sania Mirza’s father says, “They are divorced for a few months now

<p>org Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis player, and Shoaib Malik were divorced a few months ago, her father said on Sunday. Then, in a private ceremony, the latter married Pakistani actress Sana Javed.</p>
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<p>Imran Mirza, the father of Sania Mirza, revealed on Instagram that her daughter and Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik had been divorced for a few months and that she wished him well on his next venture.</p>
<p>“Sania has always kept the world in the dark about her personal life. She feels compelled to disclose now, nevertheless, that she and Shoaib had been divorced for a few months. She sends her best wishes for Shoaib’s next trip! We would like to ask all of her admirers and well-wishers to respect her right to privacy at this delicate time in her life and to avoid engaging in any speculative behavior,” the message said.</p>
<p>The Pakistani cricketer posted photos of his wedding to Sana Javed on ‘X’ one day before to the announcement of Mirza and Malik’s divorce.</p>
<p>Their supporters in Pakistan and India are rather surprised by this news, since there was no proof of their long-rumored split.</p>
<p>Social media was replete with rumors in the last several years suggesting that Malik and Mirza were not living together and that their marriage was about to fail.</p>
<p>None of them, however, publicly acknowledged this. Furthermore, they never discussed their divorce, thus everyone was taken aback by Malik’s wedding post.</p>
<p>An Instagram post by Sania Mirza on Wednesday of last week did allude to a potential problem between the pair. She mentioned in the article how difficult marriage and divorce may be.</p>
<p>“Getting married is difficult. Divorce is difficult. Select your hard. Being obese is difficult. Maintaining fitness is difficult. Select your hard. Having debt is difficult. Maintaining financial discipline is difficult. Select your hard. It’s difficult to communicate. It’s difficult to not communicate. Select your hard. There will never be an easy life. It’s going to be difficult forever. We may choose our hard, however. Choose carefully,” she wrote.</p>
<p>2010 saw Malik wed Sania Mirza. In Hyderabad, the couple wed in a customary Muslim ceremony. The couple welcomed Izhaan, their first son, in 2018.</p>

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