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Try to obtain practical experience while in college

<p>After spending approximately two years each with Microsoft and Meta in the United States, Shobhit Jain is embarking on a venture of his own. While he remains tight-lipped about the details, he has already achieved success with a groundbreaking project: a smart wheelchair. This endeavor began during his pursuit of a Master’s degree in computer science and data science at the University of Texas at Dallas.</p>
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<p>The inspiration struck when he observed one of his professors, wheelchair-bound due to lower limb weakness. Shobhit and his team efficiently developed a cost-effective technology pack for the wheelchair, replacing the conventional joystick with a smartphone. This innovative solution incorporated Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine learning, smartphones, and various sensors.</p>
<p>Shobhit highlights the accessibility features it provided, including collision avoidance, voice control, gesture control, and touch control. The project gained recognition as a finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup American Regional Finals and the Techstars Propel Challenge in the US in 2019. Recently, Shobhit and his team successfully sold the technology pack to a prominent electric wheelchair manufacturer in the US, although he refrains from disclosing the manufacturer due to a nondisclosure agreement.</p>
<p>Shobhit’s educational journey began with schooling at DPS RK Puram, New Delhi, and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from JIIT Noida. During his college years, he engaged in freelance application development for companies like Nikon India and Maruti Suzuki. Driven by a desire to enhance his skills in AI and ML, he pursued further studies in the US, sponsored by his parents. Shobhit expresses gratitude for being able to repay his parents within seven months of securing a job at Microsoft. Before that, he served as a teaching assistant at the University of Texas and secured a lucrative internship.</p>
<p>Reflecting on his US university experience, Shobhit commends the focus on practical training and teaching, diverging from rote learning prevalent in some Indian colleges. He notes that courses and associated projects in US colleges are designed to make students employable upon graduation. Despite the challenges, Shobhit secured internships and job offers through persistent efforts, eventually choosing Microsoft for its overall package of growth potential, team, location, and work culture.</p>

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