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Searching for AI’s Practical Applications? These 4 Free Tools Will Help You Streamline Your Digital Life

<p>Silicon Valley has been talking about generative AI ever before OpenAI made ChatGPT, which is based on their GPT-3.5 LLM, publicly available. Since then, IT businesses have pushed themselves to get into this quickly changing market.</p>
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<p>Giants like Google, Microsoft, and Meta have not only embraced it but have begun to integrate these capabilities broadly into consumer-grade goods like smartphones. For example, Google has included its Gemini AI model into the Pixel 8 series, while OpenAI has already released an iOS and Android app for ChatGPT.</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, individuals may now employ a variety of AI technologies to increase productivity and streamline processes that formerly required a significant time and financial commitment.</p>
<p><strong>Listed below are four AI tools that are practical for daily use:</strong><br />
<strong>Adobe Podcast:</strong> When you have to work with a file that contains digital audio noise, this free AI-powered application turns out to be really helpful. All the user has to do is upload the audio file, and the program will automatically process it to improve its quality. If the background noise isn’t too loud, it may really make your recordings sound amazing.</p>
<p><strong>Google Bard:</strong> The days of using Grammarly to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes are long gone. Now, you can just ask the Bard chatbot to check a passage of text for grammatical mistakes for free, all because to Google’s sophisticated Gemini Pro LLM. Additionally, Google Bard—which needs a premium ChatGPT subscription—allows you to create photos for free.</p>
<p><strong>ChatGPT Voice:</strong> Although the ChatGPT chatbot remains the same underlying, ChatGPT Voice facilitates more natural dialogue with the chatbot. You may also ask it to translate a sentence for you in a language other than English, like Punjabi or French. Naturally, learning a new language and translating may both benefit greatly from this. It is a component of the ChatGPT software and is free to download.</p>
<p><strong>DALL-E 2:</strong> This tool is another helpful resource; it was produced by OpenAI, the same company that made ChatGPT. Users may create pictures by answering comprehensive text-based queries. Among other things, these pictures may be used to graphically represent events that are abstract or nonexistent. Additionally, DALL-E 2 is an entertaining tool for bringing creative ideas to life via graphic representations.</p>
<p>Currently available for free, Google MusicLM is a part of the Google AI Test Kitchen. With it, you may provide text-based commands and get voice responses. You may ask it to produce a variety of musical genres, including jazz, synth, and more. It is also capable of producing music in several moods, including dramatic, cheerful, and melancholy.</p>

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