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JLo and voilà, a brand-new genre emerges

<p>Is it a musical? A romantic comedy? A sophisticated music video promoting a new album, or a stylized biopic? Everything and nothing at all. Jennifer Lopez, the writer, producer, and performer of “This Is Me… Now,” challenges us to see the beauty in the ridiculous. We are happy that she has invented a new genre by combining a mythological love story with an ultra-futuristic atmosphere and magic realism.</p>
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<p>Let’s start from the beginning. The Puerto Rican story of Alida and Taroo, who transform into a rose and a hummingbird due to forbidden love, is recounted to us via an animated scene. This is a crucial point since the film’s 65 minutes are filled with references to the flower and the hummingbird metaphor.</p>
<p>Next, we see The Artist—yes, JLo portrays herself as The Artist—riding pillion on a motorbike and clinging to an unidentified male. However, we know who he is. After the bike crashes, she is discovered in a heart-shaped factory that is powered by rose petals. She croons, “I made it through the rain, the trauma and the pain” (from the song “Hearts and Flowers”), and then she and the factory workers dance wildly, but the heart is still lost!</p>
<p>The plot revolves on JLo’s complex love life, which is set between her terrible divorce with Ben Affleck (who makes a guest appearance) just before the wedding in 2004 and their rapid reunion and transformation into “Bennifer” in 2021. In a glass home, she performs her song “Rebound” while tethered to a guy by a rope. In order to make room for another song, “Can’t Get Enough,” she successfully unties the rope and resumes her quest for love. A lighthearted look at JLo’s three failed marriages, it leaves us wondering who will walk down the aisle with her—Marc Anthony, Cris Judd, or Ojani Noa?</p>
<p>But who is to blame for a woman’s passion of love? The Artist recalls that as a young child, “my response to anyone who asked what I wanted to be when I grew up was always, ‘In love.’” Love that brings her to a meeting of Love Addict Anonymous!</p>
<p>The message of what love is and why we need it is not lost on us, even though her tone is flippant, the settings are too perfect, the dance routines are too acrobatic, the dream sequences frequently get in the way as she drifts between the past and present, and her vision of a bright future may seem a little corny.</p>
<p>The most moving part in the movie is when The Artist meets her younger self, who criticizes her for not loving “her” enough in her quest to love others.</p>
<p>When JLo deftly inserts the Zodiac Council into the story, her wicked sense of humor comes into play. While the Council members, Jane Fonda (Sagittarius), Trevor Noah (Libra), Kim Petras (Virgo), Keke Palmer (Scorpio), Sofia Vergara (Cancer), Jenifer Lewis (Gemini), Jay Shetty (Aries), Neil deGrasse Tyson (Taurus), Sadhguru (Pisces), and Post Malone (Leo), keep an eye on her down on Earth, at least when it comes to her health. They exhibit empathy, worry, and concern. The terrified group exclaims, “She is running out of zodiac signs to fall in love with.”</p>
<p>Leo is all heart: “I’m really sad about it.” I really want to give her a huge embrace (after a breakup). The members of the council are pleasantly strange. However, this movie’s odd theatrics are not a problem. It just serves to highlight JLo’s creative power and ability to create an emotionally charged visual extravaganza. It presents her as a storyteller and scriptwriter with a lateral thinking bent.</p>
<p>Instead of following in the footsteps of her contemporaries Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, she transforms into an unreachable singing diva in a concert movie. She portrays herself as a flawed and vulnerable person. Here’s the genuine her, unadulterated!</p>

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