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When the force of love overcomes obstacles

<p>A real slice of love storiyaan, throbbing with genuine feelings and authentic delight, is created by the archetypal romantic Karan Johar, the one who gave us dreamy ideas of pyar-mohabbat, the one who makes love seem so strange.</p>
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<p>Six love stories from throughout the nation are brought to life in “Love Storiyaan,” a docuseries produced by Dharmatic Entertainment, the digital division of Dharma Productions. Producer-director KJO has a reputation for being close to his audience, even with the grandiose background of his films. He has made us feel lighthearted, and the film that his production company is doing on actual couples also makes us feel good.</p>
<p>The social media project Love Project, started by writers Niloufer Venkatraman, journalist Priya Ramani, and journalist Samar Halarnkar, celebrates love and marriage without regard to restrictions imposed by gender, caste, religion, or race. Naturally, these touching and endearing tales of happily ever after also do.</p>
<p>These tales are fascinating because of how distinctive they are all of. What unites these men and women (in love) is their refusal to bow to social conventions and emerge victorious. In “An Unsuitable Girl,” a divorced mother of two who has only ever thought of herself as “do bachon ki maa” and has forgotten to view herself as a young lady, finds love. It is directed by Hardik Mehta and establishes the mood for the next film. Eyes still moist, we go to another tale. A Hindu radio host from a competing station finds the ideal match for a divorced Christian radio host. “What is a good love story without conflict?” he asks in jest. Yes, in fact!</p>
<p>This is undoubtedly a kaleidoscope of relationships transcending artificial boundaries imposed by nation, gender, caste, marital status, and religion. Not only is there a palpable sense of love permeating the touching and poignant stories of everyday men and women overcoming difficulties and barriers to be with their loved ones. These also demonstrate how our civilization is capable of being both forward-thinking and backward at the same time.</p>
<p>The Shazia Iqbal-directed episode “Homecoming” about a Bangladeshi couple, one Muslim and the other Hindu, conveys a lot without being preachy. You want people who are spreading the myth of “love jihad” to listen to their daughter when she describes how the couple came to India because they believed that no one there is concerned with caste or religion. We do stand out most for being inclusive.</p>
<p>Six distinct filmmakers have taken the helm of this comprehensive series that spans a wide range of topics.</p>
<p>Can the LGBTQIA+ community be left out of a KJo production? Thus, the last section, “Love Beyond Labels,” centers on a transman and transwoman who make for pretty unique soulmates.</p>
<p>Every episode is unique because of how relatable and spontaneous it is. Couples converse openly and naturally, just as they would in everyday life. There is no pretense in the 71-year-old man’s affection, even as he walks about kissing his wife on the cheeks. Your heart is warmed by several displays of affection. Of course, the show does seem to be mission-oriented at times. However, a similar cause—the welfare of tribals—unites couples like this Brahmin IIT graduate and his Dalit wife (in “Raah Sangharsh Ki”).</p>
<p>The series’ core objective, which is to inspire us to believe in love in all of its beauty and genuine spirit, continues to be its greatest asset. The directors’ involvement is appropriate and often creative, according to the docu-fiction structure in which certain segments have been filmed with actors. The songs accentuate the flavor of love, particularly the melodic Bengali tune in “Homecoming.” Despite the fact that the series debuted on Valentine’s Day on Amazon Prime Video, you may watch it whenever you like.</p>
<p>Check out “Love Storiyaan” if you’re sick and tired of violent and perverted interpretations of love. More power to such tales and to those who realize that, as Bertrand Russell once observed, “Caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness of all forms of caution.”</p>
<p>Observe these couples as they pursue love, which is just pleasure by another name, without hesitation.</p>

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