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striking the appropriate notes

<p>The first Australian-shot Prime Video original movie is “Five Blind Dates.” Actor-influencer Shuang Hu and actor-comedian Nathan Ramos Park wrote it with the intention of illustrating the pressure Asian families place on their children to marry.</p>
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<p>Shuang gives a convincing and authentic portrayal as Lia, the main character. With the exception of the one who stays for the finish, none of her blind dates leave an impact.</p>
<p>Although Yoson An’s portrayal of Richard should have been more nuanced, the supporting cast was excellent, particularly Ilai Swindells who played Lia’s homosexual best friend and coworker. You want to be around Ilai as a friend. He’s entertaining.</p>
<p>As Lia, a Sydney tea shop owner, travels to Townsville for her younger sister’s engagement celebration, her dating life takes center stage despite her failing career. In order to discover true love, a fortune teller advises her to go on five dates. Since many people have dealt with this issue, the movie is enjoyable and lighthearted to see.</p>
<p>The turning point is poignant as Lia rediscovers her family and herself in addition to love. It differs from other Valentine’s Day rom-coms this year because of its themes of separation, Asian expatriates, and Chinese culture. The humor and emotional content of the movie are well balanced.</p>
<p>Considering that the parties and celebrations are mostly held inside, the Townsville and Sydney locations did not significantly enhance the film’s cinematography.</p>
<p>None of the circumstances or characters are overdone, and the editing is clean. The moment when Lia’s world crumbles has been expertly documented. We have a meme of Lia’s tantrum in case you believe the director can’t top this. How much fun!</p>
<p>In addition to being an excellent Chinese tea maker, Shuang Hu’s character Lia is a talented writer and performer.</p>
<p>Without a doubt, seeing the film is worthwhile!</p>

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