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Because of the cognitive abilities of cats and dogs, among other factors, AI cannot quickly replace humans

<p>Dr. Yann LeCun, a Turing Award laureate, vice president, and chief artificial intelligence scientist at Meta, stated at the recent World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024 in Dubai that AI will not soon take the place of humans in the management, analysis, and direction of socio-economic activities in a variety of business sectors.</p>
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<p>During a plenary discussion organized by Bloomberg’s Nate Lanxon and headlined “Will AI Lead Us to Our End?,” LeCun clarified that scientists and professionals in AI still need a lot of time to create technological environments that can compete with the human intellect.</p>
<p>According to him, AI’s cognitive capacities now trail far below those of dogs and cats and are significantly inferior to those of humans.<br />
AI systems are incapable of organizing or managing.</p>
<p>LeCun underlined that AI systems are incapable of performing administrative or planning tasks that are innate to human thought. Furthermore, they still lack the speed and temporal precision needed to analyze and handle complicated problems. These skills are essential for developing an analytical, critical, and scientific attitude, yet they are still mostly lacking in the technology world.<br />
The revolution in technology has two sides.</p>
<p>Along with highlighting the possibility for real existential dangers that might have disastrous global repercussions, he also explored how the current technology revolution is a double-edged sword. This is a particularly pertinent worry given the speed at which technical and technological systems, especially in AI, are developing.</p>
<p>According to LeCun, the next stage will need the creation of AI systems that are safer and more efficient. These systems are essential to the development of communication networks and the Internet, two platforms that are fundamental to the administration of many facets of daily life and industry.<br />
He emphasized how crucial it is to create AI systems that are as safe and efficient as possible.</p>

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