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Rahane hugging Iyer of X-factor; TN plan collapse

<p>Ajinkya Rahane, the captain of Mumbai, has supported Shreyas Iyer to get over his contract dispute and give the team a strong showing in their Ranji Trophy semifinal match against Tamil Nadu, which starts tomorrow.</p>
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<p>Shreyas missed Mumbai’s quarterfinal match against Baroda because of back problems.</p>
<p>“He is a skilled player. He has always made a huge contribution to Mumbai whenever he showed in. Rahane said, “We are overjoyed to have him on our squad for the semifinal.”</p>
<p>Rahane said that Shreyas will not need any further encouragement to perform well for Mumbai.</p>
<p>“I don’t believe he needs any guidance or support. Rahane said, “He has always helped the squad out with his bat for Mumbai, and having him among other players in the dressing room would only assist the cause.</p>
<p>Prithvi Shaw, the opener, has recovered from a finger ailment that kept him batting in the middle order during the quarterfinal, according to Rahane. He came down with the order since he was hurting his finger. We preferred that he go before Musheer Khan. However, it was evident that he had to pursue him due to the injection’s effects, Rahane said.</p>
<p>He said that Mumbai would play this game without any pressure.</p>
<p>We are doing really well. The semifinal, final, and quarterfinal are the last things we want to consider. For us, it’s simply another game. It will benefit us if we can do that and be present both as a group and as individuals, according to Rahane.</p>
<p>“Mumbai at your fingertips”</p>
<p>The captain of Tamil Nadu, R Sai Kishore, said that his team would rely on coach Sulakshan Kulkarni’s expertise and experience, saying he had “Mumbai cricket on his fingertips,” to deliver the winning blow.</p>
<p>The 2014–15 season was Tamil Nadu’s last Ranji final participation, a defeat to Karnataka.</p>
<p>“Sulu sir always has his plans and tactics ready. His finest quality is that he is constantly on the ground and vigilant. He never gets distracted during a session. While captaining, he has been a huge assistance, according to Sai Kishore.</p>
<p>In addition, Kulkarni wanted to help his team by using his extensive understanding of Mumbai cricket.</p>
<p>“I’ve let my team know that I can easily access Mumbai cricket.” I am aware of every single player’s advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, we honor our rivals due to their significant historical impact. But we’ll play well, Kulkarni said.</p>
<p>Reputable former Mumbai batter Kulkarni said it’s time for Tamil Nadu to more often convert its skills into local championships.</p>
<p>“We have produced a great deal of cricketers, including R Ashwin and Murali Vijay, as well as a great deal of other players,” In the last 15 to 20 years, we have participated in four Ranji finals. Not a horrible performance, either. However, a (Ranji) trophy (victory) has escaped us, according to Kulkarni.</p>
<p>“We’re playing excellent cricket this year. We have a terrific team dynamic, and perhaps this year we’ll break that curse,” he said.</p>

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