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With the Pro Kabaddi League, Charu Sharma has revolutionized sports for ten years

<p>Some people go above their positions to become famous personalities in the fast-paced world of sports and entertainment, creating a lasting impression on the sector. Among these icons is Charu Sharma, a trailblazer whose many talents have revolutionized the fields of sports commentary and business.</p>
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<p>Sharma has made a name for himself and gained respect and recognition all around the world because to his constant drive for innovation and acute awareness of audience engagement. Sharma, the Pro Kabaddi League’s director, speaks about his ten years of experience with the league during the current playoffs for season 10.</p>
<p>What gave you the idea to launch the Pro Kabaddi League?</p>
<p>My reconnection with the game began at the Asian Games in 2006, when I was asked to provide commentary. That helped me rediscover the sport and realized how amazing, strong, and powerful it is. I saw that almost everyone in attendance, from all over the globe, was enthralled with the game and kept asking Charu to explain it to them. When we in India don’t give our own game the respect and elevation it deserves, we are doing a big disservice to it. By simply presenting the sport to everyone once again, I want to restore its esteem.</p>
<p>Did you have any difficulties while PKL was being set up?</p>
<p>Because of the sort of work required, I became ill. Additionally, it took me four years after Anand Mahindra’s first recommendation. It’s okay; I had to give up a lot of work since someone else moved in. However, it was really rewarding to finally get the league on the table with the support of several agencies, all of the club owners, and the broadcaster.</p>
<p>In its tenth season, how has the journey been with PKL?</p>
<p>To start, there was a great deal of excitement, anxiety, and other feelings. The yacht thereafter continued to sail very peacefully for many years. Additionally, there’s always pressure to do something novel and creative, particularly during a season as significant as the tenth. I would like to stay away from the desperate attempt at attempting anything new. In a way, I believe we’re still in the consolidation phase. Thankfully, the league has fared quite well in comparison to many other leagues. The fact that we’ve performed well on a fundamental basis gives us great encouragement to keep going.</p>
<p>Do you believe that women’s PKL will eventually be held in conjunction with the Women’s Premier League?</p>
<p>In India, there are a plethora of ladies who play the game with amazing grace and agility. Prioritizing sustainability is necessary before concentrating on the women’s league. By the way, after 14 years, cricket now has a women’s league (laughs). Since the Women’s League will also be worldwide, the bar must be raised somewhat, both in India and outside. This is because the PKL is an international league. We’re thrilled and eager to ensure that there is a Women’s League, so maybe another year or two, I’m not sure.</p>
<p>We have seen you provide cricket commentary for years now.</p>
<p>A question better posed to those who do, in fact, employ individuals such as myself. I continue to commentate a lot. During the process of organizing the Pro Kabaddi League, I did lost a lot of effort.</p>
<p>What, in your opinion, is the craft of well-written commentary?</p>
<p>There is a formula: if there are 100 points needed to be a perfect commentator, 50 of those points come from topic knowledge, 45 more from communication, and the remaining 5 points come from your personality, attitude, sense of humor, and voice quality.</p>

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