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Speaking about her biopic, Zeenat Aman expresses her frustration with being labeled a “seductress” and the “sex symbol,” particularly by men. Go through her post

<p><strong>New Delhi:</strong> Zeenat Aman runs her own social media business and has her own unique style of thinking. People swarm to see her writing and thought processes because they are so similar, using the most expressive language and comparable terms. In her most recent Instagram post, she discussed rumors that a biopic about her life was in the works. Zeenat used social media to draw attention to the fact that if she is not participating in the creative process, a biography of her cannot be made.</p>
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<p>On Tuesday night, the well-known actor posted a lengthy message on Instagram. She commented about how the filmmakers portrayed her as a “bold actress” while sharing a picture of herself from her movie days. She said that she has been called a “seductress” and hailed as a “sex symbol,” particularly by males, and that she does not want her life portrayed in her biography in an unbalanced manner. The 72-year-old actress continued by saying that, although she has not finalized anything, she is in discussions with a few individuals about a possible television series or movie based on her life. The star went on to say that she is careful to have a considerate filmmaker working on her biography. She said that there are many things that are only known to her, and she would make it a point to share more about her life and experiences than what the public has seen so far.</p>
<p>Zeenat Aman discussing her vision for her biography<br />
“Quite frankly, nobody knows me like I do,” the author said. “Without my input, any research to this end would be incomplete, if not flawed.” I’d bet that there are a hundred more facts about myself that are only known to me and to everyone and that are in the public domain. Knowing my path requires knowing a plethora of milestones, tales, and personal discoveries. Well, my life has certainly been fascinating.</p>
<p>Zeenat said that she finds it unacceptable for a “stranger” to narrate her narrative, as she is aware of the destructive power of a “bad storyteller.” I also won’t sugarcoat the truth that I’m hesitant to have outsiders tell my narrative. in particular, guys. The stigma associated with “sex symbols” is unbreakable (trust me, it’s been 50 years), and when told by the wrong person, it may easily turn into a crude work of voyeurism and speculation. She clarified, “I’m only too aware of the stereotypes of “strong women.”</p>
<p>Zeenat Aman on eliminating the term “seductress”<br />
Zeenat went on to criticize individuals who could not get beyond the label of “seductress,” adding that she is searching for a compassionate filmmaker to handle her biography. “I am neither a seductress nor a helpless woman. Furthermore, I am not a victim. I’m gradually becoming receptive to the concept of a possible television show or movie, she remarked.</p>
<p>The performer said in her last statement that she would only say yes to a biography if certain conditions were satisfied and that a producer who could adequately pay her is what matters most. She also said that she was unsure of when the biopic would be filmed. “Will it take place? Who knows? It would need a courageous writer, a compassionate director, and a flawless cast, in addition to a producer who would, in the words of the phrase, “show me the money!” (sic), she wrote.</p>
<p>Zeenat’s social media postings have sparked a variety of fresh conversations and arguments on Instagram. Some social media fans are amazed by her because they believe she’s the most intelligent performer on Instagram right now and that she never hesitates to voice her opinions. What are your opinions on her most recent post?</p>

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