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Thursday, July 18, 2024

“Renowned dignitaries from India and abroad will be present at the Indian Icon Awards ceremony – Lok Swasthya Abhiyan Minister, Honorable Neeraj Kumar Singh Bablu confirmed his attendance.

New Delhi News Report, May 20, 2024:


The Global Excellence Forum has granted permission for the participation of renowned national and international-level scholars, central ministers, state ministers, as well as several IAS, IPS, and outstanding officials in the upcoming International Intellectual Forum and Award Ceremony scheduled for July 28. Under the grand platform of Global Excellence Forum, individuals from all walks of life, including 27 states and 20 countries, will participate in various fields. To encourage all the recipients of awards and prizes in this event, digital marketing specialist Dr. Manoj Sharma, CEO of Board Technology OPC Private Limited(www.borttech.in ), will advertise and market the Indian Icon Awards ceremony both domestically and internationally. This information was shared by the founder and young president of the Global Excellence Forum, Jitendra Kumar Ravi, during a media briefing today. He emphasized our aim to promote excellence in every institution and individual, empower ordinary life through social welfare activities, and convey a message of excellence in leadership for Prosperous India, Prosperous Nation, Peace amidst disorder and uncertainty in the world. The mission of the Global Excellence Forum is to empower individuals and communities through research, education, knowledge, and advocacy. With a goal of creating a better world for all, we prioritize social justice, human rights, and stability in our work. Through our research and education initiatives, our aim is to increase awareness of global issues and inspire action towards positive change.


Furthermore, recognizing the importance of addressing issues related to gender bias, discrimination, and violence, the organization strives for male empowerment and gender equality. In the Global Excellence Forum, we also recognize the importance of collaboration and partnership in achieving our mission. We work with individuals, organizations, and communities from diverse backgrounds and sectors to create a shared vision. Our mission is ambitious, but with dedication and collaboration, we can make it a reality. Speaking at the Global Excellence Forum, Chairman Dr. Naeem Tirmizi, Gaurav Gupta, Reshmi Goyal, Dr. Nayan Prakash Gandhi, CA Finalist Sah, Pooja Gupta, and Shruti highlighted that the one-day workshop and duty-bound appreciation ceremony scheduled for July 28, 2024, will honor individuals recognized with Indian Icon Awards, sending a message of global values from the platform to both India and other countries. Any interested talented youth, women, senior mentors, and corporate officers can freely join this platform.


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Dr. Ravi Founder – Global Excellence Forum Mobile: (+91) 85398 65920


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Dr. Manoj Sharma – Entrepreneur and CEO Board Technology OPC Private Limited Mobile: (+91) 9717302802 


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