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Teaser Launch of “Gowri” Film at ATME College Leaves Audience Enthralled

On the evening of 24th May 2024, the much-anticipated teaser for the film “Gowri” was unveiled in an innovative setting at ATME College of Engineering in Mysore. The event, held in a classroom, drew a diverse crowd of students, teachers, and fans eager to witness the star-studded launch.


Prominent attendees included Shreyanka Patil, an all-rounder for the Indian Cricket Team and Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Indrajit Lankesh, the acclaimed director known for introducing Deepika Padukone to the film industry. Joining them were debutant actor Samarjit Lankesh and Miss Teen International Princess 2023, Sweezal Furtado.


The launch began with a press conference that quickly turned into a lively celebration. The classroom resonated with cheers and applause, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a sports stadium. The “Gowri” team and Shreyanka Patil received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the crowd.


The teaser release featured the song “Love You Samantha,” performed by Javed Ali and Jessie Gift. Shreyanka Patil, Samarjit Lankesh, and Sweezal Furtado performed the song’s hook step, captivating the audience. Their energetic performance left the crowd wanting more and filled every corner of the room with excitement. You can watch the teaser here : https://youtu.be/EY1hl5eIlRg?si=cRwToI9mJ-geB


In a delightful twist, Shreyanka Patil and Samarjit Lankesh played cricket with the audience. Fans eagerly tried to catch autographed tennis balls and special Gowri film chocolates. The interactive game added to the event’s excitement, with fans climbing onto anything available to catch a prized ball.


The event also featured a Q&A session where fans and students interacted with Indrajit Lankesh, Shreyanka Patil, and the film’s team. This engagement fostered a strong connection between the audience and the stars, making the evening even more memorable.


The unique classroom setting added a special touch to the event, bridging the worlds of education and entertainment. It was a first-of-its-kind launch that highlighted the creativity and innovation of the “Gowri” team.


As the event concluded, the excitement and anticipation for the film’s release were palpable. The successful teaser launch set a new standard for film promotions and left the audience with unforgettable memories.

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