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CA Shekhar Agarwal: A Beacon of Self-Reliance and Philanthropy

CA Shekhar, Agarwal a practicing Chartered Accountant hailing from Tezpur, Assam, stands as an inspiration to many. Born on 30th July 1991, he has carved an impressive path through his life, setting a remarkable example of self-reliance and commitment to the community.

Shekhar’s journey began in Don Bosco High School, Tezpur, where he laid the foundation for his academic success. In 2011, he emerged as a state topper, securing the 9th rank in the Higher Secondary (HS) Exam. This was only the first of his many academic accolades.


His academic prowess led him to Gauhati University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Not surprisingly, Shekhar graduated as a university topper in his major, reflecting his unwavering dedication to his studies.


However, his most notable accomplishment came in 2016 when he passed the Chartered Accountant Exam. It is worth noting that Shekhar achieved this feat without any external coaching. His success was a result of his unfaltering belief in self-study and determination. He became one of the few students who managed to clear the exam through self-study, a testament to his grit and perseverance.


But Shekhar’s achievements are not just limited to his academic and professional life. He embodies the true spirit of philanthropy. After passing his matriculation exam, he began teaching underprivileged children. His teaching fees were used to fund his studies and complete his Chartered Accountancy (CA) Course. He achieved his goals without seeking any external financial assistance from his parents or others, truly embodying the spirit of self-reliance.

Today, Shekhar continues to contribute to society. He still offers free academic assistance to underprivileged children. Moreover, he has taken it upon himself to spread financial literacy throughout Assam. He tirelessly works to bring knowledge to every corner of the villages in Assam, ensuring that everyone has access to basic financial education.

CA Shekhar’s story is a shining example of what one can achieve with determination, self-reliance, and a robust belief in giving back to the community. His journey continues to inspire many, reminding us all the power of education and the importance of community service.


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