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Cannarma Targets Major Share of Projected $18.1 Billion Global Hemp Market by 2027

Delhi: — Cannarma is India’s leading R&D firm, licenced by the Department of Ayush to manufacture and distribute Ayurvedic goods such as Cannabis (Hemp) Extract Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Medicinal Cannabis (Hemp) products with a strategic focus on the developing global hemp market, which is expected to reach $18.1 billion by 2027, the business is positioned for tremendous expansion. Renowned for pioneering innovations in hemp products, the company has emerged as a key player in improving the health and well-being of millions of people across the country.

“Cannarma is known for producing high-quality products with all-natural ingredients. Our formulations are laboratory-tested to ensure that end customers receive a standardized, safe, consistent product. We are involved in the end-to-end production of the products, starting from the procurement of raw materials and ending with the production of the finished product. We meticulously manage all stages of production,” said Keshav Agarwal, Director, Cannarma.

The business has unveiled many new hemp-infused products to improve health and treat various conditions. Their latest products include Hemp kumkumadi face oil, hemp pain relief massage oil, hemp pain relief balm and roll-on, and coffee. The hemp pain relief balm and roll-on are formulated to provide targeted relief for muscle and joint discomfort, leveraging the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil to soothe pain and promote relaxation. Similarly infused with hemp seed oil, the hemp pain relief massage oil offers a luxurious and effective way to alleviate arthritis pain, back pain, muscle pain, and knee pain. 

“Our unique approach to hemp-based product production combines ancient Ayurvedic Practices with cutting-edge research and technology. We have formulated Ultra-Premium Cannabis (Hemp) products, which preserve the full Phyto-cannabinoids of the plant, retaining the integrity of the terpenes & flavonoids. This allows your body to absorb the full phyto-cannabinoids of plants much more efficiently, utilizing the entourage effect, as nature intended. All production is done without any chemicals or solvents,” said Rohit Chauhan, Director, Cannarma.

In the realm of skincare, the company’s rose water and Hemp kumkumadi face oil stand out. The rose water offers a refreshing and hydrating facial mist that revitalizes the skin. In contrast, the Hemp kumkumadi face oil combines the moisturizing properties of hemp with other nourishing ingredients to promote a healthy, radiant complexion. Additionally, the introduction of hemp-infused coffee brings a unique twist to your daily caffeine fix. This innovative product delivers the rich, robust flavor of coffee and incorporates the wellness benefits of hemp seed oil, providing a balanced and energizing start to your day.

Cannarma uses therapeutic and medicinal-grade formulations approved by a scientific board comprising biologists, doctors, researchers, and Ayurveda experts. Their medicinal cannabis-based products such as CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and hemp extract oil, are made from naturally occurring hemp in India’s northwestern and eastern Himalayan regions. To ensure high product quality, the company collaborates with INCARE LAB, which has GMP certifications and already operates in pharmaceutical-grade standards.

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